Marigny Creole Cottage

Built in the early 1800s, the cottage features decor and styling by interior designer and stylist Dee Speed. Located in the historic Faubourg Marigny, the cottage features a unique decor that is rich in color and texture. You'll find wide original floorboards, a sitting room complete with family altar and gallery, and furnishings that span the owner's international travels and love of fine antiques.

The history of the home shows its earliest residents were grocers in the 1840s with the Irish family name Kelly. Serving as a double residence and store-house, the cottage is now a private single family residence having even served as a bakery at one point. Now a private residence to a native New Orleanian Creole designer, the cottage is available to rent for film and photo projects.

You'll find mention of the cottage in New Orleans Architecture Vol. IV : The Creole Faubourgs by  Roulhac Toledano (Author),‎ Sally Evans (Author),‎ Mary Louise Christovich (Author),‎ Betsy Swanson (Author) as part of the New Orleans architecture series.